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I know someone a few pages back said it was unlikely figma would do any more Berserk stuff but I sure hope not. With Slan and Void releasing next month, could they perhaps have more characters planned to release later this year or even next year? Maybe we'll see something at one of the toy festivals in Japan in the coming months.
Yeah it's possible since the anime is airing this season, but having followed Goodsmile Company/Max Factory/Freeing (the ones who make figmas) for the past ~5 years I don't think it's very likely.
Back when they made the Berserk figmas (and announced the God Hand line) years ago, they used to focus on making characters (mostly) from popular anime, but starting ~2 years ago they started branching out to popular video game franchises/very niche characters/famous icons (like the Tabletop Museum line with the Vetruvian Man and Venus de Milo) and now they're just focused on cashing onto only the most popular characters.
So now there's less of a focus on making figmas of characters from currently airing anime series, and with many new and other mainstream franchises now that overshadow Berserk I don't think they'd want to focus on making more Berserk characters.
Also, seeing the price tags that they slapped on the Slan/Conrad and Void/Ubik releases (+$100 and +$200, freaking crazy for 5-inch figures), it tells me that they think that the Berserk fandom is small and that regardless of the price they put, they'd still get some very dedicated fans to buy the figures. So basically they ask for such a high price because they don't think that they'll sell as much as they'd like to on the long run.
Also notice how the pre-orders for Slan/Cornad and Void/Ubik closed in a much shorter time compared to their other figma pre-orders? Probably they informed the online stores that they produced a limited number of mass-produced units.

So basically, for me it's pointing to the idea that they don't believe Berserk is worth capitalizing on anymore.
Heck, they probably know that their old Berserk figmas are literally one of the most popular/sought-for figmas to date in the aftermarket, but they haven't scheduled a re-release for ANY of them even though the game and new anime have been released. What boggles my mind is that they're re-releasing figmas from a dated anime Kill la Kill but they aren't capitalizing on Berserk despite the sheer amount of people who would pre-order immediately if there were re-releases of Guts and the other characters.
BUT!!! Max Factory is still planning on releasing their super expensive Femto polystone figure in the Fall apparently, so it's not like they threw the license out the window (yet).
At this point I'm honestly just looking forward to ThreeZero for more articulated figures even though they're 1/6 scale.