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    Default Re: Medicom - Attack On Titan - RAH Line

    WHat do you think about the quality of the figure? So many tiny fragile parts on this figure line. I've always found the Medicom bodies to be great for posing, but at a cost of fragile joints. The Arm-shoulder joints have broken on nearly all of the medicom figures i owned

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    I feel the bodies aren't overly fragile, or super sturdy. Somewhere in between. They do the job.

    It's the 3DMG that you should be careful with.

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    Their price has dropped significantly, good time to get one. In terms of fragile, nothing comes fragiler than the plather jackets.

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    Not my pic.

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    Hate to necro the thread but since this is devoted to the line it's the best place to ask. Has anyone experienced any breakage with the bodies or deterioration with the jackets?

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    No breakage with the bodies yet but the rigs have had a little, I've had to glue things together on Mikasa and on Eren.

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