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    Default SH Figuarts Naruto figures

    Does anyone know anything about this awesomeness???

    these need to come out NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    all i can find is this picture and before today i didnt know it even exsisted!

    i can not find any more info on these - can anyone else???

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    Kinda the same type of pic, but I found this.

    This is sweet because I think there is a chance that a bunch of characters will get made for this line. I mean, how many SHF Dragonball figures are there? Seven? Oh man, the thought that Rock Lee might actually get a nice figure is exciting

    Edit: After a bit of research, it seems like this isn't exactly a new announcement. I think these might have been shown last year. How did I not know about this?
    Last edited by Lawrence; 04-16-2012 at 04:42 AM.

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    good find on the other picture lawrence.

    yeah from what i gather this is from around december 2011?? i dont know how i missed it either

    i cant believe there are only 2 pics of these though?....

    i wish they would just have skipped the Figuarts Zero statues and just release the SHF instead.

    i need to know more about the Naruto SHF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Anybody know if SH have made or are planning on making One Piece figures as well?

    These look great by the way. Totally getting them.

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    Yeah, I would rather SH Figuarts than Figuarts Zero. If this is last years news, why can't I find any more pics on google
    Quote Originally Posted by carbo-fation View Post
    Anybody know if SH have made or are planning on making One Piece figures as well?
    I don't really watch One Piece, & I'm not an expert on the characters, but I remember wanting the SH Figuarts Luffy. Already released I think, & if I'm not mistaken, I remember reading that they didn't sell well Could be wrong.

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    Woah!!!! I need to track him down. One of my all time favorite anime/manga.

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    If it's true that the One Piece SH Figuarts didn't sell well, then maybe it's because their fans (like you) don't know they exist

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    That's probably one of the reasons but still, One Piece is more popular in Japan than Naruto.

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    even i know about the Luffy figure and ive never seen one piece!

    i think Tamashi nations are being sly about the Naruto figures because of the Figuarts Zero line. i mean how many people would bypass those if they knew the articulated figures were coming!

    articulation owns statues, especially when it comes to something like naruto with loads of action poses possible. the zero figure of naruto is cool even if the pose is a little awkward but to me it doesnt go with the sasuke one so - meh....

    hopefully we'll hear SOMETHING soon

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