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    Default Re: SH Figuarts Naruto figures

    Too bad this isn't the version we originally got. I already bought a custom cloak and scroll for my extra original sage mode naruto, so I don't feel the need to pick this up. I think the faces actually look worse on this new version

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    It's been a while and still no news, have bandai confirmed this line is dead? I wanted a Sakura...

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    Sad. Still, its not as bad as the statues from Gecco. They made two. Good luck getting a team together like that!

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    Wish it got support like DBZ.

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    It feels like S.H. figures drops a line a lot. They dropped one piece and naruto. Feels like dbz is the only anime that is getting love right now

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    Can someone tell me how to tell if I received a knockoff product

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    Does anybody collect the Figuarts Zeroes? There's a newer one that must have been shown at Tamashii Nations 2018.

    Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara

    Quote Originally Posted by silverpikachu View Post
    Can someone tell me how to tell if I received a knockoff product
    Would you happen to have photos, silver? Hopefully I'll be of some use!

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