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    Default Interest in a Battle Damaged Arnold Terminator pf?

    we have 2 Terminator Arnold statues, and neither have battle damage . This is the piece I have been waiting for, but doubt it will happen anytime soon with that new maquette released last month. A pf with a light up eye like the 1:1 bust would be sick. Anyone else have interest for one or are you Arnold tired out? A TX or T1000 would be sweet too, but I just need one statue to represent the license, and this would be it for me. They should have made switch out heads for the pf...............

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    a battle damaged t-800 pf would be awsome

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    Terminator PF battle damaged from T1 dragging his leg after being hit by the truck.

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    they need to make the Arnold with flies on his face, hey buddy you got a dead cat in there?

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