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    Default HCG Alien Queen barely fit through the door

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Name:	D5ADF6E1-9295-46CC-8356-6C9FAE747081.jpg 
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Name:	072F0778-A6D3-47E0-8C84-C15955BA2F55.jpg 
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Name:	30E76D90-EEB9-4D48-9A81-21306DA983FE.jpg 
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Name:	DE02E40D-C05A-46C1-8BFB-2E473DF7AD58.jpg 
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Name:	AEA3C204-02C2-4A65-B94B-6E60F5349800.jpg 
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Name:	4211C591-4CDC-422E-A865-A9476893F003.jpg 
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    Took five 13 gallon garbage bags just to collect all those styrofoam peanuts, about 45 minutes to gather all that by hand. Did their job though. The ***** arrived unscathed. Great piece. Major renovation for room coming soon.
    Those teeth can really do some damaged. Scratched my hands a couple times pulling out those peanuts.
    The fingernails aren’t chrome, or even silver for that matter. Will have to work on that.
    She’s a hell of a presence.

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    I didnít realize it was so damn big.


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    Very nice!
    Considering it myself. But the size........No room......
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    Room is an issue. The weight of the thing too. None of the YouTube reviews or HCG tell us how heavy it is. Though they warn you to make sure you secure extremely well. It’s heavy. Definitely need to find the studs.

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    That is huge

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    Dang that is awesome. Bet its made pretty sturdy. I seem to remember the old Sideshow Maquettes always being broken due to fragile pieces.

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    Apparently original shipments didn't have the Styrofoam peanuts and did arrive with broken pieces. Happened enough that they started packing with the pink peanuts. YouTube reviews have shown broken off teeth and those side cowl parts broken off and rattling around the box. The additional packing material appears to have made the difference. Believe the thing is made out of fiberglass and other material.

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