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    Default Predator 2 City Hunter 1:4 Maquette.

    Email from Sideshow 20th Jan 2015...

    Thank you for placing a pre-order with us for a Predator 2 Maquette. We appreciate the patience that you have afforded us during the manufacturing process of this item. Over the past six months our teams have put a high emphasis on quality control so that the final presentation is the best representation of our creative objective. When we have identified that an item is not meeting our standards in the production process it's our policy to halt manufacturing in order to address any concerns.

    At this time, we have made a difficult decision to halt the production of the Predator 2 Maquette because we are unsatisfied with the quality. Rather than move the delivery date out again, we are electing to completely remove the item from our website with the intention of reintroducing it at a later time. Because of this, your order is being canceled and your deposit or any payment toward the Predator is being refunded in full. Well send you an email notification when your refund has been posted.

    However, we will retain your order information in-house and contact you first via email with an offer to rebook a Predator before it is listed on our site. We expect the solicitation to be within the next 3 4 months and the delivery of the finished item by the end of the year.

    Its unfortunate and awkward for us to be this delayed, but wed rather not ship an item that we feel can be done better, especially for Predator fans. This license is very important to us and we will continue to work on developing new Predator products for many years to come.

    Thank you for your patience and patronage of Sideshow. We apologize for disappointing you with this news and hopefully we can wow you when we provide the delivery of the finished product.

    Click the pic! Buy now!

    Predator 2 Maquette by Sideshow Collectibles


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    No way!!

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    It's so fluffy!!!
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    I'm sorry man, but this is one of the biggest fail threads ever. No pics and no announcement anywhere?

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    I don't see Sideshow doing four P2 statues at a time...

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    I'm more interested in the P1 bio mask. Is that 1:1?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verbal21 View Post
    I'm more interested in the P1 bio mask. Is that 1:1?
    No unfortunately is legendary scale bust like the one that is already out but with the mask on. I want a 1:1 bio too.

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    Well, that sucks. I've been waiting forever for them to do that, I hope it's at least in the pipeline by now.

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    I want to get excited for the Predator, Prometheus and Pacific Rim stuff, but Sideshow's godawful paint apps have drained just about every last bit of excitement from me.

    Hopefully at least one of these collectibles won't come out looking like ****.

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    Sideshow paint fails made me stay away from predator lines now....

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