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View Poll Results: Who's getting the DX10 HT T800?

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  • Yes

    136 37.06%
  • No

    187 50.95%
  • Only some of the parted out parts

    44 11.99%
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    Default Re: Who's buying the new HT T800 DX10?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nova View Post
    A 1/6 finale battle dutch in 'mud' will great benefit from the PERS, add his weapons and a jungle DX base and that is a win
    I must say, that would be pretty kick@$$!!

  2. #142
    Meh on Dutch.

    Conan might convince me to buy another HT figure, though.

    Wanted: Lego 6990 Monorail, Lego's "Yellow Castle", Dinorider T-Rex, GI Joe vintage Land Adventurer MIB, SS exc. Destro.

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    I wanna say that I wouldnt pick him up because I have the first release. But that minigun is pretty sweet. They really need to fix the sculpt or I'll pass and just get the acessories.

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    Sep 2010
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    missed the first so at the price, and the extras, this looks ok to me, altho' I built myself one WITH all the extras, lo
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    decided to go ahead and get this. I'm getting it for $170 from bbts with some store credit which makes this just as good as the original in terms of price, plus makes it the cheapest DX I've bought

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    I'd love to see HT do a Raw Deal version Arnie, i just can't see HT doing it.

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    Dec 2011
    I don't have the 1st version so I will get this (the new HS seems much better to me) as a huge T2 fan.

    However, how can this be that HT never produced a Conan figure? This would sell like hot cakes !!

    I would also get Dutch if produced.

  9. #149
    All the naysayers and this will still sell out.

  10. #150
    pulled the trigger after seeing it in Toy Hunters. Parted out parts aint going to be cheap ^O^

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