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    Default Netflix: Lost In Space, Robot figure speculation

    Would anyone else like to see a nice figure of the new Robot from Lost In Space?

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    This was the first thing I thought of when I started watching this, well maybe second. I thought it looked a little like the Mass Effect robots first. Hopefully somebody picks this up, ThreeA seems to excel at doing robots.

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    Looked a little like...?

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    Yeah, threea/threezero would make a great job, also for what they were, the big Jaegers that NECA made for the first PF were nice, I think they could do a fine work too!
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    I would like to see it made to, also the fact that I like the story line and story spin and character make it even more desiderable for me, heyyy...I even would love to have a 1/6 figure with the spacesuit...like their look a lot also!!!

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