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    Default Re: Hot Toys Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny6666 View Post
    Word is Luc Besson put up a lot of the money for the budget himself - like, in excess of $180 million. D'oh!
    It's rotten, but Hollywood has the international distribution system in a vice-like stranglehold at this point. It's why you see less and less foreign and arthouse films cutting in around the edges of endless superhero/tentpole franchise films and a couple of months of cheap horror movies and oscarbait with each passing year. Maybe ten years ago this film could have become a huge hit on word of mouth alone, but now in 2017 it's simply not going to be in theatres long enough to gain that kind of traction. Hollywood doesn't want competing product in their marketplace and they've done a very efficient job of killing this film in the cradle by ensuring it gets a day or two of showings at best in most locations.

    It's also slightly annoying to me that so many people seem to be cheering on this film's failure. What a great message to send out, that there's no point in trying to make anything original, different, mould-breaking or independent any more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damien View Post
    me too
    but I am not holding my breath unfortunately
    we will wait and see

    maybe if the suits reminds them of Iron Man
    Don't worry, it will crush in China!
    Need that DC Batman TAS Clayface!!

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