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    Default Play imaginative Pacific Rim

    Holy ****

    Okay; it may not be figuarts but i'm willing to sit back and see what they come up with.
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    Give me a freakin break, yeah WTF...coming in 2018 after we get our Iron Man figures out- all 112 or whatever..yeah right JOKE. Bad one.

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    $1200 a figure too.

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    Play Imaginative seems like a joke of a company from what I've seen so far. Their price points are way out of line even for a collectors market. Only the elite hardcore fans and very wealthy will be their consumers. That number doesn't seem very high to stay in business for very long.

    Die-cast really isn't that great in my experience. You can hardly even tell the difference on figures. I have the SH Figuarts Iron Man and War Machine and only their feet and select areas are diecast to help with stability. It feels sturdy but looks no different from the rest of the armor.

    Those figures were only $60 compared to the $110 Play Imaginative is asking for per armor. AND they look absolutely amazing. I wasn't totally blown away by Play Imaginative's figures at Comic-Con. That's just insane. $4000 to collect the entire set (if you're a completionist) which this line makes you feel like you want to do.

    They would have fared much better without the 95% diecast materials being used.

    And the 1/4 figures? Forget about it. $700 each. LOL. Hot Toys looks much better.

    I can't imagine the asking price for Pacific Rim. Not to mention you'll be waiting 5 years at least to see them on your self. They'll be up to Pacific Rim 3 by then.

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    I would assume that the figures being Diecast is part of the licensing.

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    I am curious about these guys... I wonder if they'll focus on the pilots?

    The only bummer is that, I was expecting Blufin/Tamashii to get the license to get both Kaijus and Jaegers but maybe now it won't happen...

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