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Welcome to Collector Freaks and thank you for your interest in advertising on the forum!

Sideshowcollectors.com is the premiere online community celebrating pop culture collectibles and those that love them.  Despite its origins 11 years ago as a Sideshow Toy fan site, CollectorFreaks.com has in-depth discussions of collectibles of every brand and every description from Lego toys to life-size statues. 

Our 1/6 action figure community is the largest and most creative in the world with world class artists frequenting the forum to show off their latest pieces. 

While English is the official language for the forum, the audience at CollectorFreaks.com is worldwide and features nearly half a million visitors a month.

We have 2 different advertising options –

  1. A rotating 160x600 display banner on the landing page for the forum.  There are 3 spots on the front page and every advertiser will have the same percentage chance of appearing in the top spot.  No more than 9 total advertisers will be booked for these banners, so your banner is guaranteed to appear in one of the spots every 3rd time the page is refreshed for a visitor. 

  2. A rotating 300x250 banner on the forum list page and in-thread after the first post.  The ads in-thread will not be visible to Premium Members of the forum, a small percentage of the forum traffic.  There will never be more than 18 total advertisers for these spots and there are 4 banners on the side and 3 in-thread all rotating with an equal chance of appearing in any given view.

Banners and landing pages can be changed at any time, but no more than once per week if CollectorFreaks.com needs to do it.  Landing pages will always need to be changed by CollectorFreaks.com – if you host the banners on your site, then they can be changed any time by you. 

CollectorFreaks.com reserves the right to veto any banner felt to not be in keeping with the spirit of the forum or within the taste guidelines established.  We ask that no unlicensed product be featured in the advertising graphic.  If Sideshow or Hot Toys requests we reject an advertiser we will honor that request. That will include "grey" market importers.

If you don’t have a banner designed in either of those sizes we can also do banner design for you for an additional design fee.

The forum is also available for giveaways, custom contests, etc.  Just let me know what you want to do and we can figure out how to do it.  Costs may apply for giveaways on a case-by-case basis.

If you wish to pursue this and/or have any questions please email the site owner/administrator at [email protected].